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Our services

CAS offers academic programs carefully designed to provide intellectually curious students with stimulating in an environment that encourages the healthy growth of mind, body and spirit. We offer courses that challenge and extend the intellectual, aesthetic, and ethical interests of able students from local secondary schools. All courses demand rigorous application, while many offer subjects or approaches rarely found in the conventional high school curriculum. Courses and programs are designed to fine tune or improve specific skills, and or receive specialized attention by one of our admissions consultants who will guide the student through the admissions process as well as prepare them to compete at a high level in the host country.

1. Service Package for Admissions Counselling

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2. Tuition Classes

Concord Academic Services has designed a series of courses to help individuals to open up and develop their potential. These courses offer a different approach from local schools and provide individuals with a unique and positive experience.

Courses include:
  • English writing competence
  • Public speaking
  • College essay preparation
  • CV & interview training
  • Presentations