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Boarding Schools

Why go to boarding school?

Boarding school scares a lot of people. But think about other times you've been scared of something different then faced down fears - then grew by challenging yourself. Boarding school will be like those times, only ten times better.

You'll develop confidence in new forms, independence you would never have by any other means, self-reliance like you've never considered, along with a wealth of other aspects of yourself. You'll live with people from around the world, be virtually 'forced' to grow up faster than in any other learning environment. Learning never ends when you live at school. You'll never regret the positive growth you achieve insides boarding school. Make an appointment with us now to learn more about the benefits of boarding school!

Estimated school fees

Items Approximate Amount Remarks
Boarding student fees HK$400,000 Per year boarding and tuition fee
Uniforms HK$6,000 For general uniforms expenses
Books HK$4,000 For books for the year initially
Laptop HK$15,000 For Senior School students, a school laptop is mandatory. This is the cost for laptop computer package
Initiation fee HK$23,000 All new students need to pay this one-time initiation fee (all international and domestic students)
Health Insurance HK$4,700 We would recommend insurance around this cost
Sundries Expense HK$16,000 Families should prepare this amount for extra cost incurred.

Application procedures

  1. Set up appointments for initial consultations:
    • We will inform the applicants and their families about North American life in general.
    • Seeing all students and their parents is essential to the admission process. We will act as your eyes and ears in this part of the world. It is also important for the family to meet a representative of the School. The families will have a live person to answer questions and respond to concerns.
  2. Upon committing to apply through C.A.S., an interview will be conducted in English. It will consist of:
    • Applicant’s history and personal information
    • Reasons for studying abroad
    • The applicant’s past experiences in extra-curricular activities
    • Preferences in choosing an Independent School
    • Most important, to review the applicant’s English proficiency
  3. Administer the admission entrance exam or refer the students to the proper authorities for the SSAT, TOEFL, etc. C.A.S. is an authorized agent for the SLEP test and we can administer it at our offices.
  4. Advice applicants regarding their post acceptance process. E.g., Students Visa applications, shopping for their life overseas, what is not necessary to bring over, etc.

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