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When is the best time to study abroad?
The best time to study abroad for High School is to apply as a 9th grader.
When are the deadlines for High school application?
The deadline for High school applications are generally around mid January to early Feburary. But some schools do have a rolling admissions policy.
When are the deadlines for University application?
The deadline for University applications are usually Mid Nov for early acceptance and for regular applications are from around mid January to early Feb.
Where do students live while they are abroad?
Most students live in on-campus housing provided by the school or in off-campus apartments with other students.
Is there a timeline to apply for a passport or visa?
Passports and visas should be arranged as soon as possible, because they can take up to 3 months to process. Your passport should be valid at least 6 months beyond the end date of your program. If your passport will expire before then, you should apply to renew your passport immediately.
Can students arrange to mail in their belongings prior to arriving on Campus?
Schools encourage students to bring what is necessary as there is limited space in a dorm room. Therefore, often they will not allow any packages mailed prior to arrival.
How many students are there per class?
Independent school classes have no more than 20 people per class.
Will there be insurance coverage while my child is abroad?
We encourage parents to use the school’s international student health insurance coverage rather than purchasing one from home.
What types of exams are required for application?
Different schools require different exams along with either a personal or Skype interview.
What materials are needed to bring in for consultation?
For a general consultation, the materials needed are transcript of current and the past 2 years, also any extracurricular certificates they have obtained.
Will my student be met at the airport upon arrival in his/her host country?
Some of the schools may provide an airport pickup service and for others you will have to arrange transportation on your own.