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We are top college admissions consultants:

  • We specialize in assisting students applying to elite & top 100 colleges
  • We provide college counseling to high-achieving students across the United States & Canada
  • We are international college admissions consultants with extensive experience working with international students
  • Make your applications stand out — line-by-line application review
  • We are top independent educational consultants & essay specialists with professional writing & editing background
  • We help you develop an appropriate college list
  • Emphasis on finding your best fit college
  • We are independent educational consultants at the top of our profession with the talent, intelligence and experience which is pivotal in offering the superior essay guidance necessary for elite college applications

College Counseling


June – Aug: SAT/TOEFL preparation, Do volunteer work and extra curricular activities
June - July: Meet with CAS to sit down for college counseling
July – Aug: Work on University Application (college essay)
Sept – Jan: start taking the SAT I, SAT II, TOEFL
Nov 15: Deadline for early action applications
Dec 30th to Jan 15th: Deadline for regular applications
Feb1 – Feb 15: Deadline for Canadian University applications
Feb - March: Early action applications reply
April to July: regular application replies
College Application Timeline
  1. Application preparation:
    1. SAT I
    2. SAT II (1 to 2 subjects)
    3. TOEFL
    4. preparation of transcript
    5. extra curricular activities
    6. Finalizing University application - common app and supplement essay
  2. Deadline for application
  3. University reply

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