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About C.A.S


CAS was founded in Hong Kong In 1997 with the principle of providing access to quality education worldwide. Top-tier schools in the US and Canada have specifically endorsed CAS to evaluate and administer their entrance examination for qualified candidates in Hong Kong. With the confidence and support of these and other fine schools in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, CAS is widening its scope of services with a re-organization of our services in 2001. The existing examination and enrollment services are enhanced with entrance-specific enrichment courses, all under the new Admissions Consulting program, General enrichment courses were also established under the careful supervision of our in-house educators and place under the branch of CAS Enrichment program.

Our Mission

CAS's mission is to help students from Hong Kong, China, Macau and the Greater Southeast Asian region to find an ideal study environment, allowing them to experience an enlightening academic life overseas.

Our Philosophy

We drive: Empowering the applicants
The applicant (student) is the center of the admission process. We drive the student to learn to take charge of it and eventually owning it. The student, as the active agent, is expected to register for standardized testing, prepare and submit applications, be personally responsible for meeting all deadlines and obligations, and get involved fully in the process.

We care: Securing the interests of stakeholders: students, parents and schools
CAS understands parents’ concerns about their children’s education, life style, and exposure overseas. We therefore put special care in matching the students with the best study environments that meet if not exceed the parents’ and the students’ expectations.

We inform: Providing up-to-date and factual information regarding schools and studying abroad
We work very closely with the schools that we represent. We inform our client of any new changes from the schools. Whether it is regarding the change in admission requirements or the application progress, etc., it will be delivered to our clients first hand.